Send behavior to device

Sends a behavior to a device.
Behaviors might not reach the device instantly based on the priority.

  • Low priority behaviors are placed in a queue, and handled to the device whenever the device communicates with the platform. Devices communicate with the platform based on their fixed reporting schedule, or whenever a specific event is triggered.
  • For high priority behaviors, the platform will make its best effort to deliver the behavior as soon as possible.

The following behavior defines how to update the reporting frequency of a device

  "name": "REPORT_FREQ",
  "description": "Change Reporting Frequency",
  "parameters": [
      "name": "frequency",
      "type": "number",
      "min": 5,
      "max": 60

To send this behavior to a device, the following POST body should be sent:

  "name": "REPORT_FREQ",          
  "parameters": {
      "frequency": 45
  "highPriority": false

Sending a behavior to a device returns a task identifier that can later be used to query the status of a behavior.

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